Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sweet Harmony meets Hope Valley

I love this purse.
 I love this fabric.
 We received both at the shop a few weeks back and I finally took the time to start the bag on Tuesday. It was a long week and I was kinda tired and kinda slow so it took me until Thursday to finish. The pattern is not hard. There are just a lot of peices and prepping each one is important. The directions are fairly straight forward. An intermediate sewer should have no trouble.

I never showed my funky glass mushroom that I wish now I'd gotten more of.....

I opted for a zippered pocket on one side and an open divided one on the other.

I love piping.

Bad blurry mirror shot for scale.

Yesterday started off sunny for a change. This is a favorite spot in my drive to work enhanced further by my cute car jewelry.
Jess and I found the crown at Hohenzollern, a castle on the edge of the Swabian Alps..... such tourists we are. The other was gift from Adrienne.
Hope you're having a great weekend!


Jennifer said...

you know it's totally ok to be a tourist and get to know the country/place you live in! Nothing dorky about that. I have a german license plate key chain from Hohenzollern with my name on it:)

I LOVE the bag! I rearranged yesterday and put it somewhere else:) It needed to be seen better. I love the fabrics a lot.

lizy said...

Love the purse! but you already knew that :) The fabric is gorgeous! Now, I am going to have to buy it and hide it from you know who...

KD Designs said...

Love the bag! I think the piping was my favorite part. Love the car jewelry/driving scene! :)

Joan's Good Life said...

What can I say....? I'm in envy of your ability! I Love that purse and can't even believe normal people can make stuff like that! Oooop's I keep forgetting you're not normal. With talent like that..... well, you need an etsy shop so people like me can purchase stuff!


Natalie said...

Love the bag. I agree the piping is super cute. I like the outside fabric, and I love the fabric inside. What is it? Thanks!

corinnea said...

Natalie, both fabrics are from Denyse Schmidts line Hope Valley. It's a gorgeous line.