Monday, May 31, 2010

Mini Escape - Bodensee

You know who and I woke up Saturday and after realizing the weather wasn't so bad here in Stuttgart, thought we'd go ahead and try out the Bodensee for the day. Normally if it is decent here, it's spectacular there. This was our view during lunch.

We decided to go to the Pfahlbau musem. It was pretty cool. They did a nice job on the reconstruction.

And on a more crafty note.... I don't usually post fabric BUT....
 Look. At. This!
Kelly and I finally made it to Hilco. Oh my! Don't tell you know who but I spent some money. A lot little. I hope to post soon with some of the product of my purchases. In the meantime, I just plan on sitting and looking at these mushrooms.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More Baby Stuff

I stayed home today. I wasn't feeling great and after realizing that I'd sat for about a half hour just looking at the wall when I was supposed to be going to work..... I stayed home. I really don't like staying home when I don't feel good. I think the only time I am ever bored at home is when I'm sick. Especially when my head and face hurt like they are right now. Jennifer says it's the drastic changes in temperature that we've been having. I may be inclined to agree. After our two days at near 80 we are back down to 60.... with rain.... oh blah.....


I sewed.

It took me all day.

Did I mention my head hurt?

It made me happy though, sitting, sewing, thinking of having a model for this minature stuff I like to make.

Oliver + S Bedtime Story Pajamas, size small.
This  is the yummiest, softest flannel we have in our shop, Kaufman "Cozy Cotton". I had a hard time finding something in my stash to trim it in until I spotted some of our newest line, "Multiple Choice" by Hoffman, that I'd bought the day it came in. Hope you like them as much as I do Jessica.

Instead of the ties on the sides that it calls for, I made small tabs and used snaps to close it. It's an issue I have with ties and babies....

Monday, May 24, 2010

Dear Sherie,

Are we old enough to dress like twins yet? No? Oops.....

I found this gorgeous madras fabric in downtown Stuttgart Saturday. It is light and lovely and the fabric was wide enough for two dresses. Since I knew it would also go with my plum sweater (which I first saw on Jennifer and pretty much felt deprived of until I bought my own) I couldn't resist. Sherie, I hope you have a plum sweater too. Yes, it's another shirred dress. No, I don't care that I may over do this. Thank you.
Thanks Kelly for taking my picture!

I made this a bit back and could never get any decent photos. Sorry Jess for all the facelessness. My face just wasn't so hot this day. Anyway, it's reversible, with a crisscross back. Our uniform at work is an apron. We all make our own and put a bit of our own personality into each one. Most of the girls (yes they are all my girls) don't like the straps that tie behind the neck so I got it into my head to experiment. I used a wide grosgrain ribbon for the tie. Much less expensive and much quicker than a fabric tie and with all the gorgeous ribbon out there.... yum. So tell me what you think. Please be gentle with my fragile ego. Say things like, it would be pretty if it weren't so ugly. I'll get hung up on the pretty part and it'll save my feelings. Just kidding, I can take it.

I took the long way home today. Just because I like this view. Today I thought I'd share it with you even though it's kinda blurry.

It's finally top down weather, thank goodness!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Things

 My grandbaby is a grandson! Jess and Uber found out Friday that the little Uber IS in fact a little Uber! Now that I know of course I had to sew something. I chose an Oliver & S pattern, big surprise.... the sandbox pants. Why is everything teeny tiny so cute??? I used a Kaufman corduroy, it's very soft, and for fun, a bit of Amy Schimler for the pocket linings and the waistband.

Yes, the pants are surrounded by more animals. Since you know who doesn't sew, this is his contribution. I think he has contributed about 20 new animals. He thinks he may be done. I'm not so sure.

Next is another dress for the baby mamma. I'll get these in the mail soon Jess, promise! This is more of Joel Dewberry's fabric line. I love the way this looks when it's shirred.

One of Heather Bailey's new patterns, Saturday Market bag, made for the shop. This was an easy pattern and I used the same fabrics she chose for her pattern cover in a different colorway. I love this fabric. L.O.V.E.
Last but not least, we had some sunshine this weekend. You know who and I managed to make it outside a couple of times. I think the sunshine didn't set too well with me on Saturday. After sitting outside for a couple of hours, not in the direct sun, I got a migraine and my face was not so pretty this morning. Can you become allergic to the sun if you don't get to see it for awhile?? This evening we went out again and so far I've had better results. I still stayed under an umbrella...
28 new hexies.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Jessica's Dresses and Market

Jessica requested two more Socialite dresses from the pattern by Anna Maria Horner. She sent this fabric and I was able to get them done this weekend. She chose Modern Meadow by Joel Dewberry in herringbone and a Michael Miller fabric called Esther. I have a couple more in the shirred style to finish for her. I need to get to work. Hope you like them Jess!

Here are some highlights from the Handwerk Markt. It was fun. Not too much not too little to walk around and see on such a chilly day. I had to wear a heavy coat... blah.

Where would you wear this hat?

These fire bowls are pretty but seem kinda dangerous to me.

Pillow yumminess.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Evening Walk

So it's been cold here this May. I mean COLD. Rainy, dark and cold. I can't even stand to sit in our office at work because I start to freeze. My desk quilt is not warm enough even with my sweater coat and boots. Did I mention it's cold?
The worst part is I avoid the out of doors. It is easy to forget it is spring and kinda gorgeous out there even with our less than desirable weather. I had to walk to the store last night to get milk and decided to take my camera. It's been weeks since I walked with my camera.

None of these are great photos. That's not why I'm sharing them. It was raining. 7:30 in the evening with my 50mm lens. I also had my full shopping bag. Steady I was not. These are straight out of the camera except for a couple that I cropped.

The point is, I got up off my popo, walked, carried groceries, took the long way home in the rain and cold, and managed to enjoy myself. Then there where the colors. Oh my! The colors were gorgeous!

And that is what I wanted to share.

Have a geat weekend.
Oh FYI the Sindelfingen handwerk market is today and tomorrow. I don't think they cancel because of weather.....