Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Button, Button

Anyone else out there button crazy like me? When I found them I tried to act casual. I started poking them with my finger, looking through them which must have made the man selling think I wanted only a couple?? He broke it to me that they were sold by the jar full… Hmmmmm, well, ok, if you insist…..

I'll take both!

Sorting them is the hard part. Maybe they'll just have to sit on the shelf in their cute jars instead.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sophia Trench Coat

Have you ever made your husband turn the car around, park, cross a street and help you climb a fountain? No? Um, yeah, me neither……

The pattern is from Serindipity Studios. I used a black chambray by Kaufman Fabrics, with a bit of Basic Grey's Figgy Pudding for Moda as a fun surprise on the inside.

Next time there must be pockets.

Friday, July 23, 2010

My Girl

I think this was one of my favorites that I have made for her so far.
So glad it worked since I was winging it....
Is it wrong to love two things that you've made so very much?
Jess + dress = perfect!
I am NOT a doting mom....... ha ha.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Where did the last six days go?

I've been very busy, kinda sick, really tired and not great at keeping track of things, like days and where they go.
Thanks to a few really nice people, Jan, Kelly, Jennifer and Sara, I have 220 more hexagons sewn up.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It Makes Me Giggle

Because. It's. Just. So. Cute. Jennifer made two for her girls and after squealing and looking at hers (sorry for being grabby Jenny) I knew I had to make one right away. I mean it's only, like, two years and baby m will need one!
When Katelyn mentioned the chameleon fabric I may have squealed again. (What can I say, I'm a bit emotional right now.) I knew I had enough to make the back pack.
I added a bit more of Ms. Schimler's fabric on the sides. Kona cotton in moss became the piping, straps and interior.
I lined it and put in Timtex like Jennifer suggested to give it a nice shape.
I even added a pocket. Everyone needs a pocket.
I love it. Hope you like it too baby.

Monday, July 12, 2010

My New Top

This started out as something completely different. Have you ever picked the right project and the wrong fabric? Well that happened last week. Normally I may have called it quits but the wrong fabric was a pretty fabric, some of my Hilco fabric. It's a beautiful, light, crisp, soft, cotton.
So when the disater happened, I already had five rows of shirring done. Instead of taking them out, I added 20 more rows. Then I chopped off what was to have been the top of the blouse and that became one of the upper bodice peices. I had just enough fabric to make the other side of the bodice.
I've decided once and for all that I need a dress form. This would have been much easier with a dress form. It would have prevented some mistakes that I would like to fix but I'm not sure if I will.
So, anyway, tell me what you think. Would it be worth remaking. Should I just let it go?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Bag For Jessica

Jessica and I were discussing what type of bag she would like to have when baby M is born. She even sent sketches because that's fun for her. When she mentioned she liked the way the Multi Tasker tote by AMH looked I started thinking of combining the two. Not sure if this is exactly what she was looking for, but it's a start. I made this with our new organic canvas and one of the gorgeous chambrays from Kaufman.
I used the pattern and it was fun and simple. I just added more pockets. These two were not in the pattern. I figured everyone needs a zippered pocket and the other gets wider at the top for, well, odd wide at the top stuff.
I also put fleece between the layers to give it more body. Moms need to be able to use just one hand sometimes, right? I added a pocket that follows the fun outer pockets on the pattern.

In it I put a changing mat with a fun Amy Schimler surprise. I had to use the iron on vinyl. Not a fan but you do what you have to do. Dear Ms. Schimler, have you thought of coated cottons lately?
She might even  be able to sling it across her body if she absolutely needs both hands.

What do you think Jess?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Out of My Comfort Zone

I havn't sewn pants for myself in forever. I kept telling myself that it's because I don't like sewing pants. You tell yourself something enough, you believe it. Right? After joining Summer Essentials Sewing on flickr, I was re-evaluating what I sew for myself and thinking I need to be smarter about it. I made these shorts last week and everyone at work was really kind in saying they looked great. I had Jennifer try and photograph me in them on Saturday and when every photo showed me fidgety and uncomfortable that's when it really hit me, I don't like to focus on that part of me!!  

So there you have it, more info than you ever wanted into how my mind works. Then I tortured said pretty please to you know who and made him take more pictures. This time I tried to relax.....  

Anyway, these came into being after seeing them on another sew-along member Gelbean. They looked so cute and I thought maybe I'll have to get that pattern. After looking it up and realizing I have that pattern I knew I had to try.
I used quilter's tweed by Robert Kaufman. It sews very nicely.
They have a side zip but no pockets. When/if I make them again, that is something I will change. I like pockets. Don't I look relaxed in this next photo? Who wouldn't relax in this beatiful little rose garden by the lake, with lots of people walking by, while trying not to fuss at your husband, who actually finds joy in you fussing at him.
A favorite spot in downtown Stuttgart. I'm afraid I'm getting all nostalgic lately.
A bit more into my psyche, I loathe these street performers. I do not think painting yourself colors and standing still or moving robotically is fun or interesting. I'm sorry if this hurts anyone's feelings but this is one thing I won't miss about downtown Stuttgart.
I will miss this though.
Hope your day is great!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Easy Bias Skirt

I made this using the Best Bias Skirt from Indygo Junction. We have it in the shop but I think people have trouble invisioning it. The cover is, let's say, less than flattering to the pattern. I decided to make one Wednesday night after work. The "best" means different things to different people... I can say this was quick and easy. I was tired and it only took me two hours from tracing to final ironing. It consists of two panel peices and bias binding. I made my own bias binding cause that's the way I roll.
I used Nicey Jane and Kona in grass. The pattern has you sew on the right side with a zig zag to complete the casing for the waistband and the hem. I really like it since the skirt is meant to be casual.
I wore it all day yesterday and I'm glad to say it was very comfortable. I was not just sitting looking pretty either, it was a receiving day for merchandize and I was bending and lifting a lot.
Did you get to sew today?