Monday, July 27, 2009

I ♥ faces does the beach

Father and daughter. They can and will beach comb for hours, perfectly content.
I've been wanting to try one of these I faces for awhile now. It's so fun to go to all the other sites and see what inspires other people. There are some gorgeous photos, if you have a minute, go check them out.
P.S. I'm am sewing, I'm just not sharing. Yet.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Travel log - Boeblingen Schlemmen am See

Boeblingen is having a fest on the lower lake. The food is good.The atmosphere is fun. There is music.

It was just what I needed.
You have through Sunday to catch it.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More projects

Welcome do my dark home. Seriously, you can see from the reflection in the mirror that there is sun out there. It just doesn't make it inside. Fortunatley, this shirt is bright and sunny all on it's own. It is the shirt I wanted you to see, not me. After making a child's version from the book "Seams to Me" for the shop, (thank you Mary for believing I was small enough to fit in it), I decided I did need one.
My Sis and I have made several versions of these tops over the years. Simple and comfortable, what's not to like. The moment I decided to make it, I knew which fabric I would use. It's bold and fun and I love it.
This is the second of the purses I've been playing with. My first one sold (hooray) which gave me an excuse to make more. I'm almost done with a third but I keep getting interrupted by work, cleaning and the dog wanting to be walked.

More later.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Not what I am supposed to be doing, ammended

Jennifer let me borrow Miss Ava for a moment. Couldn't ask for a more gorgeous model. It's so much better on a munchkin than hanging on a line, that's for sure!

Tuesday Jennifer, Tina and I were in the shop admiring Jennifer's back pack and our newest line "Close to my heart" by Faye Burgos for Marcus Fabrics. We were drooling over both and wondering if she should make back pack with this line. I was thinking of the Oliver + S patterns because I often do, I like them so much..... Anyway, Jennifer and I decided to get the same two fabrics, I would make the birthday dress and she would make the 2 + 2 blouse. You may have noticed I am on this getting my projects done kick. So of course instead of continuing on with that noble scheme, I go ahead with this new plan. Try as I might, (and cause Jennifer dared me) I couldn't get this done yesterday. Buttonholes at 1am are not a good idea and last night I listened....
Yet again, I love these patterns. Love the way it turned out.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Look what I did this morning

Other than my ability to put this on a hanger straight, I think it turned out well. This project has been waiting to be started since Ms. Horner's book came out. I am slow, but once I get started, watch out. It took 2 1/2 hours including the time I took to trace the pattern and cut the bias strips. I made it to display at the shop, hoping to inspire.
When I first saw the pattern in the book, I knew this was the fabric I would use. It's from her garden party line. The bias accents are kona cotton and the way they contrast with the fabric make them worth the time. I really like the way it turned out. Hmmmm, can I get a project done tomorrow?

Monday, July 13, 2009

One down, one million to go

Don't tell you know who, but I've got a lot of projects I need to get done. I managed to accomplish one of them this evening. I bought this fabric, oh, none of your business how long ago. It's the K & Co line. Yum. I took it all the way to Florida, North Carolina and back to Germany. I really thought we'd have time to do it while I was at Jessica's. Then I talked myself into thinking I needed her approval before I made her an apron she didn't ask for. Who am I kidding? My problem is, I LOVE fabric, I LOVE to sew, I LOVE to make things for people, and I have too little time. Or is it that I don't use my time wisely enough? Please don't answer that for me.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fireworks and pajama pants

Possibly not the best post title. I was just trying to give the creative people out there hope. I actually finished a project. You may, if you like fast forward to the end of this post. For those of you who like fireworks, stick with me. One of the cool things about living here in Germany is they love celebrations. A lot. Summer is a reason to have fireworks. For the last two weekends, we have taken advantage. First was Ludwigsburg Barock Gardens. I love the show they put on. The fireworks coordinating with music, just amazing. Afterward we went to dinner in the towm square. On the way we came across this oblisk decorated with old plastic bottles around the base. Quite unusually spectacular.

Last night the Killesburg Gardens had their Lichterfest. This place is HUGE. We walked in and just wandered for over an hour. There was plenty to see even with the huge crowds.
This tower is so interesting. We kept trying to make our way toward it, thinking it would be a great spot to watch from. We were right but not. They used the tower for the fireworks......
They had these lanterns strung up poles with candles in them in several spots. The rocks behind are illuminated with lights.
When the show finally started the tower was the center of attention. You would not believe how many colors they used. These were just a few. Really, there were a lot more. It was kind of funny.
Just a few of my favorites.

After the show was over, there were displays like this to light your way out of the park. I think next year I will take a flash light. So if you've never gone, remember next year, it's worth it!
Last but not least, my PJs. I spent the week feeling not so hot, trying to get a quilt top done. Nothing like putting pressure on yourself.... So today I made these. I've had the fabric for awhile, a long while. Too many projects, not making enough time...... They are purple striped, they are baggy, they are perfect. I did do a fun contrasting/coordinating waist. Recognize the fabric Jess?
More soon, I hope.

Monday, July 6, 2009

This, that and some other stuff

Warning: only the first couple of pictures are of projects. If you are adverse to seeing me and more of my family having fun, stop here. I'm serious. So, while we were out seeing East Coast family, I did manage to make a few things. So many projects, too little time. This first item is made from "Weekend Sewing" by Heather Ross. Jess had just this much fabric and so we modified them a bit. She also wanted a soft waistband with no elastic. I think the ribbing turned out well. Second project from "Weekend Sewing". Made with Art Gallery Fabrics by Patricia Bravo. I love the hand of her fabrics. We will try to get some for the shop. I made one of these for myself too. Jess is just cuter... I thought of this purse before I left. Got halfway through while I was gone and just finished it last week. I really like it. I think I"ll make another.

The crafting portion of this post has ended. Proceed at your own risk. Thank you.
When we go to my in-laws, we go to the beach as much as possible. The beach on Topsail island is beautiful. Wide, sandy and full of treasure if you're willing to look. I love the beach. It's loud and peaceful. Sometimes I do silly things, like pretend to fly.
Treasure hunting occupies Jess and you know who far longer than me. They are perfectly content hunting together. For the longest time I couldn't find the silly things then they just start popping out of the sand.

Sharks teeth are what we hunt for. I am not sure why. Their cool and smooth, all worn down by the surf. Some are black, some lighter colors. Some are sharp enough to hurt when a certain someone pokes you with them.

Our first night there we got a record 94 teeth. There are bigger ones out there, some the size of your fist. OH! Yeah, that's why we keep looking......

I love this face.
My in-laws have managed to create a sanctuary in their yard. This is a small tribute to them. They started when they moved in, hmmmm, 6 years ago? Time flies. Over the past few years my brother and sister in law have also helped out. It's just lovely and I had to show it off. Should be in Better Homes and Gardens. There are three levels of decks, the middle made up like a living room.

The pond used to have big fish. Then a heron found out. Heron's apparently are voracious eaters of Koi. They managed to save some and found the survivors a new home.
Another of the outdoors "rooms" on a path out to the front.
Just one of the gorgeous hydrangyas my MIL grows.
These cone flowers are so cool. They bloom again on the top. Unfortunately it had rained, hard, and those were not doing so well.
Needless to say, it is a butterfly haven.
Last but definitely not least, please let me introduce you to Mercede. She is lovely. Next to my own Brinkley she might be the coolest dog ever.

This might be the last "family" post for awhile. I am really trying to get some creative work done. Life just keeps being so distracting.