Monday, June 14, 2010

Didn't mean to be gone so long

It was a long week. It was a good week. It was a not so good week. For those of you who dropped by Wednesday after seeing me here and here thank you! I was hard at work getting more things done but was having some difficulty getting things photographed and posted.

Thank goodness for weekends.

I am not a sports fan but when the world cup happens and the weather is good, it's fun to go sit outside and watch a game or two. It's fun to watch people get crazy. Seriously crazy. This place is a short walk from our apartment. I'll miss it.

 I've had this toile for years (thanks Sherie). I'd been wanting to make it into a skirt but was having trouble thinking of a shirt I had to wear with it. Kelly wore her Cabo halter last week and a light went on. I made mine with Kona Cotton in a shade of blue that I've forgotten.
The skirt is Simplicity 8664. I did a bias trim for the hem because I cut it a bit shorter than I meant to. Mistake? Opportunity?
This detail is around the top of the skirt. I pulled the facing up just enough to make it look like cording. It may never be seen but I know it's there and I like it! By the way, I used my ever quickly dwindling supply of Wonder Tape for both zipper applications. The skirt was a sort of lapped version ( sorry totally meant to take a close up) and the shirt has an invisible zip. It was wonderful for both. Seriously, as Jess said, it changes lives. Well, mine anyway.
Three more of the shirred skirts. Two for Jess, one for me. Hers are out of Hope Valley by Denyse Schmidt and mine is Pastry Line voile from Anna Maria Horner.
Last and maybe least is a project that turned out differently than I had planned. Not bad, just different. I took a tank cut it off and attached the voile skirt. I did five rows of shirring around the bodice and skirt to give it a more fitted look. If I had a garden, this would be my gardening dress. Right now I have scaffolding, a dying rose and soon to be very, very bright yellow walls outside.


Kelly's Korner said...

Tee hee!!!! I LOOOOVE the new skirt with the halter! Love love love! Ok, so I was going through skirts in the flikr pool and someone mentioned fold over elastic and that it comes in different colors. Must investigate. I grabbed a roll of wonder tape today and the last roll of white elastic thread. yes, we're out again. I wonder where it's all been going..............

Kelly's Korner said...

I don't think I said love enough times in the first comment. I love love love love love love love! the new skirt and halter! LOVE!

Adrienne said...

Ok, Kelly pretty much said what I was going to say. I love love LOVE that outfit! Skirt and shirt are both perfect! And very flattering on you. I like your shirred skirts and garden dress too, just not as much as the halter/skirt set.

People get seriously crazy here, about that soccer stuff. Why was it necessary for everyone to drive around blaring their car horns at 11 last night? And I guess the people next door had to make up for not being in a car, because they were blasting away on a trumpet right under my bedroom window. Well, it sounded that way, anyway. Seriously. Crazy.

Congrats on your growing fame. ^_^

lizy said...

First of all CONGRATULATIONS ;)I was so excited for you that i even had to show Ivan how great you look in your boots. LOVEEEEEEEEE the skirt, halter top (I must make it) and the dress. You are making me jealous! I so want to be you with all the new beautiful clothes.

Jennifer said...

halters look SO SO SO good on you! That color is scrumptious and the skirt is gorgeous! I love hidden details that make you smile:) You looooooook hot! One hot mama!

TheBlackForrist said...

oh my word... it is DARLING! you weren't kidding! love the fabrics on the new skirts and the tank dress, I've been seeing that kind of thing a lot lately, it's a great idea!