Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lech days four and five

Yesterday I did some skiing. Then I did some sitting and watching for the boys to come around over the mountian a couple of times. It is fun how easy it is to pick them out of a crowd. There are no pictures because visibility was bad. We were skiing blind most of the time. They think it is more fun than I do.... This was taken in the morning. Very strange light. Lech in the evening.

Lech at night courtesy of my DH on his night walk with Brinkley.

Today it was very foggy in the valley. When you got halfway up the mountian all you could see was clouds below with this hazy light. I didn't get pictures until later. The clouds are distant by this time. The light is still funky though.

Always looking for something crafty. The boys call them spoon pockets. They will be getting some as gifts......

Here is a picture of the house we stay in. Right now we are on the second floor on the left. We were downstairs until last night.

BTW, yes, two days ago it was warm enough to sit outside in a tank top. Not today.


Joan's Good Life said...

Always love seeing pic's, even if the "light" was funny. Lucky, lucky you! Keep sharing...!

mary said...

Your pictures look great, looks like lots of fun. I can' wait to see you again!

Kelly's Korner said...

Oh man! That picture with the sun is amazing!

insanely crafty said...

Poor cold spoon. That is great I think I need some!Which camera did you take with you? Hope you are taking lots of pictures