Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Forgotten picture

This is for Jessica. I forgot about him until this morning when I was trying to take pictures and my battery went dead. He was on my dear husband's camera. We were on our last trip to the Xmas market when we spotted him. He sings. This is try number two for Jennifer. I made the last one too big. Keep your fingers crossed.
I was trying to count how many hats I have made this year and it scared me, so I stopped.


insanely crafty said...

LOVE the moose... though probably not the singing party.
You're the mad hatter... (not to be confused with hater)

Joan's Good Life said...

Wow! Afraid to count the amount of hats made... I am making my first one (knitting). Been working on it for two weeks now and haven't gotten far on it. Think I may be a one hook gal as opposed to the 6 needles gal... Blah. On a good note, I did finish my first knitted scarf! Hurray!

Jenny P. said...

You know I love the hat!! LOVE it! It's just I have a big fat noggin and it needs to be longer. You don't know how horrible I feel..but just know i am SO grateful:)

corinnea said...

Jenny P. you are so funny. I've said it before, sizing is hard, especially custom sizing..... I'll get it right one day!
Joan there is a knitter who said hookers are hardly ever changed into needle lovers. I would like to prove that wrong so keep trying!!!
Mad hatter... I like it!

Kelly's Korner said...

Ok, I just peed my pants! Now I'm a hooker!?! Rob always told me my crafting was deviant... LOL!

I don't think you should feel bad about how many hats you've made because just look at how many have gone to happy heads! You barely have any for sale in the store because they are so popular! I don't want to talk about how many of your hats I own! :)

Jenny P. said...

Kelly said it best: look at how many hats went to happy homes! My girls have about 10 between them (some of Ava's are outgrown but they still count). You know how picky I am about hats. I love that no one else has one of these hats.