Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Stitch

I am treating myself to a new stitch. It's not that I don't have enough stitches to choose from already but this one was just too cool not to learn. It's called the Catherine wheel. I found a couple of online tutorials but I have read it is in one of the big crochet books too. Sorry there aren't any links but I'm kind of busy crocheting. Hope you all have a happy New Year! We are staying in to protect Brinkley from the fireworks.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas in Boeblingen

Christmas was perfect. We missed the people that couldn't be here but had fun with those that could. We ate, slept late, watched movies, played Wii (our son brought his to loan to us) and ate some more. We got the boys a couple of silly things. You should have been here when the helicoptor got stuck on Brinkley's backside!!! My mom and sis sent gifts. I sent nothing and they sent me lovely things anyway. Handmade no less. Mom always sends you know who, Brinkely and Evie a gift too! You can see from the pictures that Brinkley thought all of the gifts should have been his! I hope all of you had as wonderful a time as we did. One day we will all have Christmas together again!

I did manage to finish this hat for a special order. I had to make it twice! The first one was too big. Sizing is hard, I'm just saying.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sweet success

First of all I had a problem. No it is NOT that my oven is dirty, it is that my oven is small. It has the one rack and most of my baking things do not fit. Last Saturday my DH took me to Breuniger Land. It was already packed with people at 10 in the morning and he took me anyway. That is love. He took me there and bought me a small oven. You can see it on the right. It can hold a pan with 7 I repeat 7 pizza pockets that I am cooking for him tonight....... This little oven has helped to make my life easier.

So I baked. Some of you got boxes. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them.

By the way Jess, I have a larger set of star cookie cutters that I wasn't able to use this year. Why? Because I forgot I had them. Cookie cutters, it's an illness, what can I say.

So anyway, these are the boxes I gave to people. Whether they wanted them or not. Just my way of telling you all how much I appreciate you.

These hats are for two special people. Hopefully they both like them. I know one of them likes them, I hope the other of them likes it........
Christmas and cryptic messages......

Monday, December 15, 2008

Goofin around

I did make another hat. I really like this style. I made it a bit shorter in the crown so it works better with a jacket. I also made a neck something. Warmer, neckerchief, not a tie, not quite a scarf...... I don't know but I put some of my favortie buttons from here. If I could be a button these are the buttons I would be. Sherie knows what I'm talkin bout.....
And no, you know who was not taking these pics. I did not want to disturb his studying and so was tormenting myself. Can't you tell.... blurry much?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Quiet weekend

We were both not feeling so great this weekend. We ended up staying in Friday and most of Saturday. In the afternoon we decided that going out somewhere would maybe make us feel better. Who knew it was going to be so extremely crowded at the Stuttgart Weinachtsmarkt..... I did get to eat at my other favorite fish place. This is the Finnish part of the market on the Eberhardt platz where the flea market is. They have a big tepee set up with fires and furs on the benches. It is cozy and warm and the salmon is fantastic. You know who and Evie spent part of the evening studying together.

Then apparently, Evie became tired of reading.

This afternoon we tried the going outside therapy again. Esslingen had what seemed to be record numbers, go figure.... At least we knew where we were going and what we wanted to eat...... It was exhausting trying to get through the crowds! We were able to catch a distant glimpse of the stilt people coming through, I am not sure how they do this on the cobblestones and in the crowd.

I prefer them at a distance myself but one always seems to find me and get up close and personal.....

Hope you had a great weekend!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Gee, I think the snow is heavy.....

It took me a second to realize something was different. I mean it is dark outside and all.... This is my terrace. Chair covered in snow, planter with a snow hat, and behind that a post with a precarious perching of snow.... There is a point.... The plants behind the chair, were yesterday, taller than the post.... I hope they are just bent over under the snow. Oops, I need to make sure Evie can't jump that high!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Snow and a gift

It started snowing yesterday. We got to send some people home early last night.... I was leaving at that time anyway so it was great fun, all those other people and I leaving at the same time on a snowy evening. When I got home an hour later I just hoped that the ones who had father to go were safe too... It's still snowing this morning. The urge to just stay home to bake and sew is almost overwhelming.
The people I work with are really great. I know any of you out there who read some of our little things think yeah yeah, whatever, but it is true. Even on the days that I want to stay home, I go because I don't want to miss the people that are there that day..... So anyway, one of the reasons I like these people so much is they sometimes go out of their comfort zone to try new things. When they do it for you personally, it just warms your heart. Lizy was my secret santa this year and this is what she made me! She snuck around, right under my nose, learning paper peicing from Leah. I am honored to have her first project. Look closely, it's as if she has been doing this all along. Up until a few months ago she didn't sew! Thank you Lizy!!!

Now off into the snow.....

Monday, December 8, 2008


I am finally able to post a couple of completed projects. I showed the minky blanket in progress. It was for Miss S on her 1st birthday. She seemed to like it..... The second completed project was my Secret Santa gift. We had our lunch out today. Very fun. It is so nice to really enjoy the people you work with enough to go out and have lunch together. For all those who couldn't be there, we missed you! This little guy is made from real fur. Sorry to those who object, but at least it is repurposing something that was already there and no one wanted anymore to something..... well, cute.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sorry I left so abruptly

See I planned this trip for my DB and our oldest son. I planned it a whole week in advance. That advance week flew by and off we went. I expected to post while we were gone. Who knew there would be limited internet access.....
I will try not to bore you with too many pics. These are some favorites.

Our big boy and I on the Italy/Swiss border, just below the top of the world.... (we had a scare that they closed the crossing and we were still in Italy at the time.)
My DH is just to the right of the dumpster. This is at the top of the Kleine Matterhorn. I thought they were supposed to be through with the construction, I was wrong. It is hard to tell but this is a decent little incline and that is not snow. It is big chunks of ice.
The Matterhorn. Nuf said.
This was one of the entrances to the chalet we stayed in. The other entrance was up three flights of stairs. We had to find this carrying all our luggage, up a slushy road, in the dark. It was fun. In case you can't tell, I had to bend over to walk through here, imagine you know who and the big boy...... two suitcases, two ski bags, two boot bags, one snowboard, four backpacks, a duffel and a cute shopping basket. I'm telling you, fun!
One of the veiws from our little place. This is called the English Church and they hold a worship service at different times of the year specifically for english speakers. I think it was built because of the many who have died on the mountian. The grave markers were interesting.

This is at the top of the Kleine Matterhorn observation deck, at around 11 in the morning. Spectacular, awe inspiring and humbling.
I may put a couple more pictures on a later post. So if this bored you, don't look at the post that will probably be titled More Zermatt pictures.....
Oh btw, thanks for all the comments on the hat post. Yes, of course Jennifer, you get to try the hat on! Seriously Sher, I want to learn to knit......