Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Quilt tops

So, while trying to get over jet lag I made these two baby size quilt tops. You saw the Flip Flop block last post but I hope this is a better picture. The newest one is from the same designer and is called the S curve. You can see her here. The first quilt was very easy to put together. The next was just a bit more time consuming. For someone who wants to quilt but not do a lot of piecing this could be a fun project. There are several other versions at various levels of difficulty to choose from and I am sure you could come up with a few of your own!

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Adie said...

I'm sorry you're still lagging.... It really sucks. I'm a little apprehensive about going home for that very reason, but I suppose I'll just deal with it.

Your quilt tops are awesome. I especially like the first one that you did. Very cool.

Have I mentioned yet how happy we are to have you home? :)