Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Just a fun day

Spent another fun day with Sherie! We did our tour of the Bullseye glass company. Unfortunately they don't allow pictures in the plant, but it was awesome. They make their own equipment, which I am sure is the reason behind the no photo policy. There was one group of guys making large sheets of glass who have choreographed their movements to an art form. The glass available is overwhelming and it is nice to know we have a good bit of the best offered.

Since we were in the area, my sister thought I should go to the Elephant Delicatessen. Oh my word!! The food was fantastic and the staff was great.

We ended the day with a fashion show for Slippers. She liked it, really she did.......

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Kelly's Korner said...

Sure... the cat liked being dressed up and photographed... hmmm... Ok, but seriously jealous about the Bullseye factory tour! So are you at the quilt market now?