Saturday, May 1, 2010

Whoa Nellie!

When they say saddle bag they mean it.
I cut this out yesterday and finished sewing it this afternoon. Indygo Junction's Saddle Bag pattern and a new fabric line Party in Pink by Fresh Designs for Henry Glass came into the shop on Thursday.  After making so many clothing peices, I needed a break and this seemed like the perfect solution. A sample for the store and a new huge bag. I saw the measurements on the pattern but there are times I am spacially challenged. 13 x 18 x 6 apparently has no meaning for me...... I'm special.

Good news, I love it.
There are no photos of me with it. Sorry, it's raining and you know who is studying.
I feel the instructions were well done up until step 16. I've read it several times and still don't get what they were trying to say. Are they using too many words for a simple step or am I just brain dead? You may ONLY answer that if you are trying out the pattern. Anyway, I think a beginning sewer with a few pattern projects under their belt would enjoy this.
The sides are black cotton twill.
If I did it over again I would probably make the interior pockets a bit larger. It could also be interestiong to try and divide the interior in two. I'm thinking things could get lost in here. Like small children.

For those of you who may also be challenged size wise that's my laptop in the bag.
Roomy comes to mind.

Hope you're all having a great weekend!


Jennifer said...

oh cool! I can't wait to see it!!

Katelyn R. said...

I like big bags personally... so I think this is really really cute and convenient! And... I love the fabrics!

TheBlackForrist said...

oooh, it's great! larger/more pockets/dividers... yes... unless it's used like a beach bag... or a carry-on, otherwise everything would just end up in a LARGE pile at the bottom. I love the fabric, and the way the sides are done, clever!

KD Designs said...

hmmmm.... another laptop bag my husband would refuse to carry, thus furthering the point that the laptop is mine all mine... sounds perfect!

insanely crafty said...

VERY COOL! you are on a roll! Send me some of your energy!!!

Adrienne said...

Oh, I love it! Colleen was telling me about your purse plans yesterday, it turned out great! My new bags are roomy too, I was wondering how I could go about adding a divider and how much headache it would be. Mine is a really easy pattern, it might not be worth it to complicate it.

sherie lee said...

I Love this bag!!! Great yarnie bag to stuff all those projects into! How in the world do you get sooooo much stuff done woman???

Jenny Bean said...

This would be a wonderful bag for me to carry things to school know like papers, files etc. There are uses for this AND it is very cute. I think a center divider would help with organization, but I like this one a lot.