Sunday, April 18, 2010

Don't know why I fight it.

I didn't want to go.
 I so did not want to get up at 0430 get in the car and drive ride for three hours. 
My dear daughter told me to stop being silly and go.
I also realized I was too tired to stay home.  
He let me take my pillow and sleep and that made it all better.

It was worth it.

Another full day of complete relaxation in the sun.

Why fight it?

0845 we were there and he was off.

Though it seemed crowded here, this is just everyone getting up the mountain. There is so much to this area though that when he got through this, he said he was alone quite a lot of the time.

As he started up, this was the view, I am down there somewhere.

 My view wasn't quite as spectacular but it was a gorgeous day to be walking, even so early.

This town has a bit of everything and a lot of it is yummy, even if it's a bit outrageous. Jessica if I only knew whether it was a girl, I still couldn't have gotten this! Ha Ha

For lunch we met up there, see the buildings up in the middle of the photo? I rode the bergbahn up and waited in the sun.

And that is where we spent the next three hours. Eating, talking, napping and watching a wedding.

Watching the people watching the wedding.

I told him if he hadn't already married me a million years ago that I would make him marry me there.

While it was still light, we started home. This is the part about summer here that I love. When the sun is shining, and the days are long.

The tunnels that help you get down the mountain.

Looking back from where we came. If you look at the moutain just above the curve in the road you can see one of the tunnels.

The road is really windy.

There is this one curve where you can almost die, every time.

I almost lost my camera out the sun roof trying to take this. I'm still not sure how I caught it.

We made it back into town in time to make it to the opening night at the Biergarten.
Flammkuchen, yum.


Norma's Nonsense said...

Glad you went. As I was looking at the pictures, I could transport myself there. Thanks for the memories! And, for the balloon pic. glad you didn't drop your camera!!!

lizy said...

It sounds like you had a great weekend... The weather was beautiful and the photos are amazing.

TheBlackForrist said...

wow, beautiful! I really have to go there! seriously...

insanely crafty said...

I am so glad you went! It's so wierd to see it half snowed over like that! I LOOVVEE the cute little outfit. I can only imagine how ridiculous it was! I think the weddign people should have just added additional seating so everyone could sit down and watch... sounds better than being gawked least you were all clothed though. I always wonder about the beach weddings where not so nicely dressed people get all up in the way... or decide to sit right in the ceremony... rude!

KD Designs said...

Well I'm glad you enjoyed yourself! I hope you feel somewhat rested!

sherie lee said...

Beautiful! Don't know what a flammkuchen is, but i think i really want one!

Jennifer said...

Beautiful pictures! You always sound like you have fun when you go skiing.

Anonymous said...

mmmm biergarten. mmmmmmmmmm flammkuchen!! oh springtime in stuttgart, how i miss thee. - Hannah