Saturday, January 29, 2011

Wow I'm a Slacker

I have a friend. She had a grandchild. He was born before my grandson. I made her grandson a gift. I never sent the gift. I am a bad friend.

I figure if I admit this and post it, I will be so ashamed that I will finally get to the post office and send it. There is no excuse for not getting it sent, other than I am being forgetful lately.  I think I need people, or at least an assistant. If this does not arrive on your doorstep by the end of the week please call and yell at me.

Oh and Joan, when you get it, you can see how far from perfect my sewing is! This blanket is wonky, but since it's meant to be drug around and loved I hope that won't matter! P.S. I'll put something in the box for you too!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sewing For A Cause

It's so much fun having a small child to sew for. I'm not sure why it is so fun to sew for wee ones, they grow up and out so quickly! I guess it's just that tiny things seem cuter.
I am so lucky to have had three children of my own and now this amazing grandson.  There are others for whom this has not happened. Fortunately, there are opportunities out there for adoption. Unfortunately, adoption is very expensive. Fortunately, there are people out there who see a need and do something about it. One of these groups is called Sacred Selections. Several times a year they have fundraisers to help families pay for adoptions. They help people find ways to raise money for themselves, and they also counsel these couples, who want to be parents so very much, through the process.
When my mom and sister told me they were donating items for an auction, I asked if I could take part and donate too. These bags are a couple of the things I sent. Hopefully they will be a little helpful in someone reaching their goal. I had fun making them. I thought of when I was expecting my children and the lovely anticipation  that went along with that time in my life, hoping that soon those waiting for children will realize their dream.

Each bag holds two shopping bags and has a detachable wrist strap for carrying or keys or both!

Friday, January 21, 2011

A Very Yummy Give Away!

If you have not seen my daughter's blog yet, now is the time! Jessica made this garland to give away just in time for Valentine's Day. If she hadn't already promised to make me one get me started making one I'd be pouting right now.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Quilt For My Grandson

I started this way back when I found out he was to be. Thank goodness I finished before he grew up.
 It's my version of an eye spy quilt. Hand quilted with size 5 pearl cotton.
 Simple quilting.
 Jess told me not to get all uptight about the quilting. It's wonkier in some places than in others. I tried. 
  There are fabrics in here from several lines, some of which were donated by Jennifer and Katelyn. Thanks you two. 
I was having so much fun making the blocks that I ended up with enough for a twin size quilt. Pay attention much? Do math much? Jess asked me to make it with blocks on the front and back. Double the fun..... 
The individual blue blocks on either side were a happy mistake.

I've said it before, I'll say it a million times. I love this boy!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Little Bag

We got our grandson blocks for Christmas. I know he can't play with them now but he can't play with much yet. I asked Jess if she would like a bag for them to live in. She said yes and she even had the perfect fabric. Anne Kelle's Urban Zoology whales in Bermuda. I love this print. I wanted the seams nice and finished so I ironed them open, turned them under and sewed through all the layers. I like seeing the finishing seam on the outside. In this case I think it makes it a bit more interesting. A simple casing with grosgrain ribbon finished it off.
Two hundred tiny blocks waiting for their boy.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bad Photos But A Very Cute Subject

This is from a month ago. Sorry, I have been doing, but not taking the time to take good photos. Or any photos. These are from my phone.  Please, use your imagination and edit them anyway you would like.

When it got cold in Florida, I decided MAC needed a hat. I crocheted one. It was too small. It was kinda ugly too. I decided to try knitting again and  I made four more hats. None. Of. Them. Fit. My only excuse is that I was not in the same state as the baby. The lovely photo of hats on my knees was what I took to text to Jess to show her how clever I was being.  ...... At least I got a lot of practice and his momma let me torment him by making him wear the closet to fitting hat.

Man I love this boy!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Ode To Felt....

Or, what I didn't show you at Christmas......  
When it seemed as if everyone here, here, here,  here , here and here, but me was making lovely felt things..... I actually was. Trying. I came up with an idea for a garland. I wanted to add some other things but life kept happening. There are spaces to add them next year. Or the year after. 
Anyway, behold, my felt tree garland. It's pretty long. I think I made about forty trees. It was simple but a bit time consuming. I used a nice wool blend felt bought at Joann. There are four pieces for each tree. Sew two together down the middle. Finger press those open and sew two two-piece units together down the middle. 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

So, My Sister Broke Herself......

There's nothing worse than being far away when someone you love gets hurt. Though I am closer, it's still too far. Since I didn't ask Sherie's permission, all I will say is, day before Christmas, ski, fall, new knee. Needless to say, she is bummed. We are bummed for her.

We were talking one day right after, and on that day the thing which made her most angry was not being able to carry her coffee and use her crutches. Yes, my sister and I rival for who drinks more coffee. Our mom is right up there with us. I really win because I can drink it at night.

I was wracking my brain about what to do for her from so far away.

I was in the process of making some bags for a really great charity, a quilt for my mom, a quilt for baby MAC, and other stuff. So...... a lot of sewing which I will try to show shortly but nothing for Sherie.

I wracked my brain some more about how I could make it easy and cute for her with the crutches. Then I came up with a cute name..... Crutch Clutch........ too cute?... um, yeah..... but no product.

Then she demanded something, anything that would make it easier for her. My sister never demands so I knew then and there the depth of her despair. Then I panicked. Then it clicked and I had it.

This is really just a prototype. It could have been better but my mom leaves today and that's how I'm delivering it.
 The taller bucket like bag is for a travel mug, but she can use it for whatever. Yarn and needles for instance? I used clips for sturdy, but easy on and off. Have something with a bit more weight? No problem.

I quilted it for insulation, body, and fun. Somethings should be fun. Especially when the reason for them is not.
How do you make a small bag for someone who normally uses a big purse? I have the same purse. I am not sure how I would do without it. I tried to think of the things I might want and where they'd fit. I realized I would need a pouch within the pouch, so that's what I gave her.
 On one side there is a strap for carrying around the wrist or to use for keys, or both. On the other side is an easy clip for it to be attached to the  crutches. I put the zippers in so when she is hanging onto the bag attached to the crutch, she can easily unzip and zip each pouch without much trouble....... hopefully.

Sherie let me know how they work. In the mean time remember there is love and thoughts for a quick recovery in every stitch!