Monday, September 20, 2010

A Day in My New Life

Today I went on my first adventure by myself since coming to my new city. I was called up for jury duty. Crazy right? I mean I am almost 50 and this is the first time ever that I've been selected and I'm brand spanking new to the city. I know how it happened. I got my driver’s license here two years ago so as far as they know this is where I've been living.

I was seriously dreading this, for no other reason than I was going to have to be a big girl and drive myself someplace new. But it wasn’t bad. If you have nothing important to do, and don’t mind sitting around waiting it would be interesting to be called every now and then. I was fully prepared with entertainment (love my e reader and iphone!) so did not have the impatience for the situation that some people did.
When the day ended without me getting the chance to be chosen I was kind of relieved and kind of disappointed. I found it interesting that everyone in the court building treated the 500 or so of us there kindly, humorously and respectfully. We were told multiple times how much our time and cooperation was valued. Though I am sure they say that all the time, I really felt it was meant. My first encounter with the judicial system up close and personal was fairly positive.
After being dismissed I took the opportunity to walk along the river for a bit. I love looking at the bridges crossing the river between the downtown areas. I am not as keen about driving over them but this view is lovely to me. My new city has some very pretty areas that I can’t wait to explore.


Adrienne said...

Oh, I am so glad that you have a positive attitude about the whole jury duty thing, and that your first experience was a good one. :)

Also, I miss Jacksonville! When does Tim get back, so you guys can settle in?

Isisjem said...

Glad you are settling in. I live in fear of being called for Jury Duty - I think we do it a bit differently over here. You are called for about 2 weeks (could be longer if the trial is longer)and you would either do one big trial for all that time or lots of small ones. You may turn up some days and they send you home and you have until the afternoon or next day before you go back. A lot of employers (like mine) would not pay you to have time off to do this so it can work out expensive!

Dee said...

so proud of you for your courage, bravery and readiness for adventure! new cities can be hard to learn and scary to navigate, but thank goodness for Garmins and door locks! lol

glad to hear you're getting in the groove! thanks for your kind words the other day, they really made a difference!

Jennifer said...

Where's Tim? This post got me all choked up. I miss you so much:(

Kelly's Korner said...

Whichever side was lying probably knew you'd figure it out and got rid of you! Haha! Or your handmade clothing creations would be too distracting for them to get anything done. You're such a nuisance! LOL! So the city is pretty big huh? I can't wait to come see it with you one day!

quilthexle said...

Those bridges are awesome - thanks for posting a picture! Wouldn't that make a lovely quilt ?

That crazy Texan said...

Glad to have you back in the states.
You are almost as far away as you were though, because I have never been to Florida either.
I can at least ride a motorcycle to Florida.