Monday, July 19, 2010

Where did the last six days go?

I've been very busy, kinda sick, really tired and not great at keeping track of things, like days and where they go.
Thanks to a few really nice people, Jan, Kelly, Jennifer and Sara, I have 220 more hexagons sewn up.


Norma's Nonsense said...

ou,ou, I like the one with the red cherrys!

Kelly's Korner said...

WOW! That's some progress! Did you find the bag of scraps on your desk?

insanely crafty said...

Ridiculous! You can raid my fabric when you get here... since I still haven't gotten around to it!

Jennifer said...

Is this perfect or what to do on the airplane? I have more scraps for you if you want them..not a lot but some..

Dee said...

what wonderful friends!

these look like the start of something awesomely cool!

get better soon! sending you virtual chicken soup and a maid!

Adrienne said...

You know, with all the sewing I plan to be doing, I'll be creating a lot of scraps. If you like, I can make sure they end up in your hands.

britt said...

Your hexies are lovely! Aren't they addictive? Last month I made 233, but this month only 13 to date. This post is a good reminder that my hexagons await!

corinnea said...

Mom, I know!
Kelly, yes I did, thanks!
Jessica, yes I will!
Jennifer, that's what I was thinking and yes please.
Dee, yes, yes, and thank you!
Adrienne, yes please.
Britt, addictive, obsessive and insane!