Friday, February 19, 2010

School Days Jacket ~ Featuring Emily

I love this girl! When Jennifer stopped by the shop today, she took these for me.  Now I know I love this coat. It's hard to see sometimes if you don't have a little one around to torture dress up. Thanks Jennifer! Thanks Miss Em!

Yes, another wonderful pattern from Oliver and S. Hanging up in our shop hoping to inspire people to sew something.
I used a brown twill for the outer fabric and Fresh Paint by Marcus Fabrics for the lining. Since I make these things to try and show how cute they are, and then tuck them away for non existent future grandkids, I have no one to model them. Maybe Jennifer will take pity on me and let me borrow one of her gorgeous girls?

More old vintage buttons.
When I got home late last night, this is what I saw. See, we bought a new/old desk for you know who. He's never really liked the table I made him set his office stuff on, expressed a desire for a new desk and just a few days later we found this.

So, apparently, this is what you do when you get a peice of furniture and find out that is doesn't fit through any other door in your house except the front door. You put it in the middle of the living room and make a cubby for your sick cat (no, she still won't eat unless I make her) on the trolley. It's pretty hilarious what this cat will let him do. She sat there while he rolled her around.
Welcome to my world.


Kelly's Korner said...

That jacket is so cute! I giggled out loud at the thought of Tim rolling Evie around on the trolley!

Adrienne said...

Love the little jacket, so cute!! You are going to have well dressed grandkids. :)

Poor kitty! I hope she gets better!

sherie lee said...

Oh my goodness, that is totally why we love cats and our husbands and a really cool desk that would fit in my house and the most darling jacket!

SueWis said...

Cute jacket! I have no grandkids yet either and see so many adorable kids things to make. Someday...

insanely crafty said...

Oh I'm glad you said it's being packed away that keeps me from looking greedy and saying mine! Mine! Mine!
Desk is cool. When are you taking a pic of the dresser?
Cat is funny. Squeeze her for me.

Joan's Good Life said...

The desk is fab. I love it, but then you and I and even your hubby has the same tastes in furniture, so it's no wonder.

The jacket was cute. In the first post. But now... the jacket is taken to a whole 'nuther level for me when you have a lovely little girl modeling it!

Are you sure Evie isn't suffering from hair ball? Poor thing.

Dee said...

The jacket is almost as cute as the model and I love the fabric choices and buttons!

As for the kitty...meow. That's Cattese for "praying for you".

The desk is awesome. I love repurposed things!

Mary said...

The coat came out so cute! Ms. Emily sure looked cute in it.

Love the new desk and the poor kitty under it. I hope she starts feeling better soon.

Jennifer said...

I love my double-chinned baby! (os is it chined?) It fit her really good. Thanks for letting her model it COrinnea:) As usual you did an excellant job. Always that attention to detail that sets your projects apart from everyone elses. You are an inspiration!

TheBlackForrist said...

darling jacket, darling girl =]

love the fabric!

love for kitty too, xo

lizy said...

The jacket and the model are really cute!!! You always make the such adorable stuff!!!