Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I will try not to bore you.......

I tried to get these in order but between blogger and I...... Most of the pictures you see of me were taken by you know who while he was riding...... I think he did a good job. Crazy man. A bit crowded on the train.

From our room in Bregenz.

Loved cleaning up at night.

Beautiful hotel in Meersburg.
Stein am Rhien is a must see.

Catherdral in Konstance.How cute it this??Leaving Konstance, last day.

You can't tell from this, but it is pouring and a bolt of lightening had just flashed across the sky. I don't like.

Things I learned on the way..... sun, wind and rain are not helpful; I can do more than I thought, but not as much as I hope to.

Things I already knew..... I love boats; I hate hills; I love hot running water and a clean bed; I really, really love traveling with my husband.

We ended up not riding much day one. I think riding to the train station and into Bregenz from the boat counts. I called it getting my feet wet, someone else had a different opinion. It was windy and rainy though so he didn't really mind. I am glad to say the weather for the rest of the trip was perfect.
Day two we made up for our lack of biking on our biking trip by making it to Meersburg. (Really liked the hotel there!) It seemed so far but I surprised myself by going even further day three. I must say that day hurt a bit. There were a lot of hills, I had to walk halfway up two of them. Day four we took it really easy with a short run and the train ride home. We calculated that we road somewhere between 120 and 150 miles. When we got home we checked some other people's stats that said it was around 104 miles. That's probably correct if you just ride straight through. We did take some side trips in and out of places. (Some were intentional.)

I'm glad we made day four short because we came back to, as my DB said, "Stuttgart welcoming us home with open arms." For those of you who may not know, this means lightening, thunder and huge drops of rain.... Let me tell you, that was a fun ride up the hill. I kept smiling though because it was a really great trip.


Jenny P. said...

really pretty photos. I'm so glad you had a nice time. I too LOVE traveling with my husband. I absolutly love it (that's the reason I keep him around!). I'm not sure I could have rode a bike for so long. I'm proud of you!

Kelly's Korner said...

I really admire you both. I would die from that much bike riding! You look good on that bike. It suits you. The photos are beautiful! I love Europe...

Adie said...

I'm glad you had a good time, and made it back to us safe and sound. Bran and I haven't done a whole lot of traveling yet, but we have 2 mini trips in the works, and bigger stuff once company starts arriving. You're an inspiration!