Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Here is where I've been.....

Pronunciation: \i-ˈnər-shə, -shē-ə\
Function: noun
Etymology: From Latin, lack of skill, from inert-, iners
Date: 1713
1 a: a property of matter by which it remains at rest or in uniform motion in the same straight line unless acted upon by some external force b: an analogous property of other physical quantities (as electricity) 2: indisposition to motion, exertion, or change.

In spite of this and my Dear Husband working non stop on his current class, I have tried to be creative, tried. Well, I made a couple of things anyway.


Kelly's Korner said...

Cute things!!! All I did was play on the computer!

Jenny Bean said...

Well, all I have been doing is digital scrapbooking, so you are far better than me :) I like the bags a lot. I have a quilt I need to finish, a cross stitch I need to finish, and should be walking everyday but haven't been. LAZY!