Monday, July 25, 2011

Triangle Pillow

Does it ever feel like things are just flying by faster than you care for?
It's how I'm feeling right now. 
I never mean to let so much time go by before sharing what I am up to but I do. 
Then it seems hard to share it all.
So I was wasting time  doing research one day out in blog land and came across this and this. I thought it was so cute and decided to try and see if it was as easy as it looked. 
It was. 
I decided to make a bigger one..... someday. 
Jess had given me this gorgeous fabric and I made two pillows. I was thinking about making two more when she suggested that it would be great for the larger triangle pillow project.
So I did.
It was fun!
It's funky!
It's for him! 
He's only smiling because he didn't want to hurt my feelings. He doesn't quite get it.
Grampa tried tempting him with the "fishing" pole. 
It didn't really work.
Mom tossed him on top. 
He rolled off. 
I realize that I stuffed it too much and so I will have to take some of those silly pellets out. Jess helped me the first time around and it wasn't so bad, maybe I'll wait for her help again.


Kelly's Korner said...

Cool! I saw those recently too and thought they looked fun. I looove the fabric! The story is really cute! You should make a GIANT one!

Isisjem said...

It looks fab! That is the perfect fabric for it and he does look cute sat on it.

Tina said...

Wow! The pillow is so great, and the baby adorable. I love the fabric choices, you did it goes great with the rest of the living room.

Norma's Nonsense said...

What a fun post, project, baby boy! Love the pillows!!! Happy to seeing you post again. Don't stay away so long. Please.

Jessica said...

LOVE IT! It is really comfortable. I think he will really appreciate it when he is a little more balanced :P

Heather G. said...

I'm gonna have to try this, Corinnea! The girls have matching seat cushions, but their brother has nothing. This will be perfect for him to sit in while playing his DS or the Wii. Where did you get the pellets?

Adrienne said...

Oh, fun! It seems perfect for little people! Kelly is should make a giant one!!

Victoria said...

Very fun! (And totally adorable!)

Jennifer said...

this is soooo cute! I love the fabric you used on the big one.

lizy said...

Oh my! that baby is growing up to fast!!! He is adorable. Love the pillow and I think he does to.... You guys are just so creative.

Susan Y said...

I loooove it! I want one for each kid! So cute! Susan (crafterhours susan!)

Enno said...

Triangle Pillow. Does it ever feel like things are just flying by faster than you care for? It's how I'm feeling right now. I never mean to let so much ...