Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Full Skirt Attempt Two

I finished this a couple of weeks ago..... Where oh where does time go?
Jessica has a favorite skirt she bought from ATL  a few years ago that she wants more of. This was my second try and I think I got it. Now I just need to make hers. When I do I'll show more detail and my first attempt. We took these photos last night, the tired, goofy factor was pretty high. I could blame it on the smoke in the air... There are a lot of fires here right now and this is not a cloud haze it is a smoke haze.
Back to the skirt, it has a 4 inch drop waist and a side zip, which I like because it makes a smooth waistline.
It's made with a cotton lawn and lined with a white batiste. 
It has pockets, you could leave out the pockets but I love pockets. 
 It has just enough gathering to make it comfy and flirty. You can dress it up with a blouse or go more casual with a T or tanks.
Found the perfect pair of sandals at Target to go with it.
Jess, I promise I will get yours done soon!!


Joan's Good Life said...

LOVE it! So super cute and just full enough to look fun.

AND, I saw the exact same sandals and tried them on, but it was too big. They didn't have them in my size. Boo.

Jessica said...

If you don't I will confiscated yours! I thought the pictures were a little hazy... should have used my camera I am retarded with anyone else's... and mine too sometimes... pooh!
Well anyway I LOVE it

Norma's Nonsense said...

For being tired and goofy the pictures turned out super cute.

Love the skirt, I love summer skirts, love the material, love the shoes,

Your hair is getting long again, love the hair.

Feel free to post more when you are tired and goofy.

VivJM said...

Aw, that is SUCH a cute little skirt. Love it!

Adrienne said...

Oh I love that skirt! The layered top and those sandals are perfect for it, too. You look like something out of a fashion magazine. :)

Kelly's Korner said...

Looks really cute! You've just been on a skirt roll! :)

Rhonda said...

Very cute and LOVE the shoes to go with it.

Heather G. said...

Great job! I love it!

Isisjem said...

Lovely skirt! I tried on some skirts at the weekend and not only were they expensive, but they made me look like I was a gnome with a massive bottom. It sort of made me feel good because sometimes when I've made a skirt it's looked the same and I thought it was my sewing - it may just be the style!

Jennifer said...

love the pocket feature!