Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Still Catching Up

I made some things for my grandson a couple of weeks ago. Those necessary, everyday things that babes go through like they're on fire. 
Especially when one such babe drools.
 A lot. 
So much so, that mom asked if I could make some that liquid wouldn't soak through. 
I found this coated elephant fabric here. I love it! It washes well. Jess had some Cuddle fabric left over from the blanket and they made a great pair. I used a narrow packaged binding to finish out the edges. Boy do I need practice doing that! Can we say wonky?? Thank goodness the point is function, and they do. I did two with snaps and two with Velcro to see which worked better. 

Jess took a lot more photos of him in his bib. I could only narrow it down to this many.

Something else the little man does well is, burp. 
I think it's kind of a game, at least that's how I choose to look at it. 
Jess had a few receiving blankets that ended up being used as burp rags. They were a bit big. She had some in the traditional style and they were a bit small. I ended up buying a yard of inexpensive but cute flannel, cutting them into fat quarters, doing a wide hem with mitered corners and they seem to be perfect for this job.
Jess liked them enough to go buy flannel for me to make more.  

Mister also sleeps in some cute sleep bags which are getting too small. Jess has had a hard time finding replacements. I got the bright idea that I could make one. I took a pattern I'd been given (thanks Jennifer!) for a onesie type suit and modified it for a bag with a zippered front. I made it in the size I thought would fit but...... there is some growing that needs to happen... Jess called it his Chewbaca outfit. Hilarious no? 

More later!


Norma's Nonsense said...

Oh my goodness, can't get enough of that boy! Love the one where he is sticking his tongue out at you and smiling at the same time. He is such a lucky little guy to have a mom and grandma that sews and creates fun things for him.

Serena said...

How do you keep from gobbling him up???

I've found that the large 3/4"(?) (it's possible they're only 1/2", but my sewing things are all packed away at the moment, so I can't check) snaps are wonderful for bibs because Baby can't pull it off.

Jessica said...

I LOVE all of this stuff I can't believe how heavy those bibs get! lots of drool :P I am still going back and forth on snaps/velcro but I am leaning towards snaps because I am sick on having velcro get stuck to other laundry items... no matter how hard I try I always seem to miss one and it messes something else up!

Pippa said...

So cute! I LOVE the elephant fabrics.

Kelly's Korner said...

I have a bad feeling about this - too much cuteness!!!! :) That bug fabric is hysterical! And you know I can't resist a star wars reference! I say start em young.

crafterhours said...

Aw, those elephants bibs are so cute! Not as cute as the tongue picture though. But close. I wish you were my grandma! (though, don't let that hold you back - you are free to sew anything you want for me at any time - no reason necessary)

Victoria said...

Over-the-top cute, cute, cute!
(And you do not look old enough to be a grandma!)

Valerie Gardner said...

That is one cute baby!!! And I love all the stuff you made for him! Very nice!

Amber said...

Love all the ideas here. I especially LOVE that background elephant fabric!

Corinnea said...

Thanks Amber! The fabric is Urban Circus by Laurie Wisbrun.

Jennifer said...

I love seeing pictures of the mister and the bibs are awesome!