Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Pass it on

While helping to bring a new sewer into the world today, I thought of my grandmother. Well, I thought of all the people in my life that have helped bring me to this point and I realized that I have been surrounded by creativity from the day I came into the world. In particular I want to focus on my Mema. I don't think she ever thought of herself as an artist or even an artistic person, but she was. She helped give my sister and I a love for being creative. She unconsiously created a home where people loved to be. Hospitality was second nature to her, people always coming and going, the more the merrier. She came from an era where skill in home arts were essential and she was happy and patient while imparting this knowledge to us. I am thankful that my sister and I, though young, were happy to listen and learn. Now that I am older (old) I hope to pass these same arts onto my future grandkids. Until then, I hope to be as patient and kind as my Mema was with the people I come in contact with. I want the world to sew!

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Kelly's Korner said...

That's so sweet! See! You can blog!