Monday, November 21, 2011

Exciting Announcement

Jess and I have been talking a LOT. Yes we always talk a LOT but over the last few weeks our conversations have been specifically about teaming up and we've finally decided to blog together- so beginning today we will cease to be Chaotic and Insane, and instead just be Blissful. We do most of our creating together, I always have to do all of the sewing (it's a sweat shop I tell ya!), Jess of course thinks she has all the best ideas, so we just thought it would be easier to stop fighting over who gets to take credit!
We really hope you will follow us over to our new blog - we've even decided to bribe you, so click on over  to see what's up.

Monday, November 14, 2011


Years ago when I was lots younger, with young kids, and not a lot of cash, I still wanted to give everyone Christmas gifts. I decided to make napkins! I used the most lovely calico fabrics, enclosing each square with a mitered corner frame. As ugly as we'd all think they are now, I worked very hard on making them perfect, and I used mine untill they died. I think my Mom is the only one maybe still hanging on to a couple. (Love you mom!)
A few weeks ago I went to the Jacksonville quilt show. I had a great time wandering through seeing some amazing quilts, trying out long arms (oh how I miss you Millenium) and looking through shops. Jacksonville very few fabric shops for such a large city, so it was fun to see such variety in one place. 
At one shop I spotted this piece of Farmers Market by Sandi Henderson and not far from that I saw a fabric I'd not seen before. I found out it's by Hoodie, whom I've also never heard of, though she has been designing fabric for years. This line is called Vegie Patch. The eggplant fabric was all I could find at the show. There on the spot I decided to revisit my napkin making. We go through a lot of napkins but I also do a lot of laundry so why not combine the two.... After looking at the line, the eggplant is my favorite, but I want to get the others to make more napkins, four is not enough.
They finished out at about 22 inches. I love the mitered corners. I made these by just wrapping the fabric from the back and framing my focus fabric. The solid green is Kona Grass. Is there anything you made years ago that you've decided to make again? I wonder if in twenty more years I'll think this fabric was a "lovely" choice?

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Shirts For the Boy

I love, love, love dress shirts on men, even/or especially on little guys. I purchased an extra large dress shirt while back in Germany because the fabric was a yummy Italian cotton. I thought I'd re-purpose it for myself but when Jess asked me to make Micah a shirt I knew that this was a better option. I used the Sketchbook Shirt pattern by Oliver & S again. It goes together so simply. Even though I like to use a real stand up collar on bigger shirts, this one is easy to make in a short time, and really, spending a lot of time making small clothes that will usually be outgrown before they are worn out is kind of silly. Now, ask me how long it took me to finish these...... no don't, because I don't want to tell.
Meet Mac, my size 2 kids mannequin that I got for $25.00 at a very cute shop that went out of business. I was very sad to see the shop close but since I didn't know it was happening, I was very glad that I went in time to rescue him. Don't make fun of him please, if I ever decide to dress him as a girl.

Oh how I love stripes.
I got very tired of trying to remember what sizes I've made for Micah and on these shirts with a yoke facing the solution was simple. Pooh to my machine for messing up the number 8.

I also had some gingham that I'd been gifted ( I cannot remember who gave it to me! It had been used for table clothes?) anyway, as some of you have already seen, it was put to good use for Micah's first birthday.
 It's so fun to see this little guy running around in things I've made!